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Pancita's Hollywood Pregnancy Spa

(Zip codes: 33021 – 33020 – 33024 – 33019 – 33023 – 33312 – 33009 – 33314)

Residents from Hollywood come to our Coral Springs location for the best ultrasound service and prenatal care.

Louise J. S. is a resident of Hollywood that found our Coral Springs location through a friend’s referral.  

“I was 24 weeks and expecting twins at the time, and I was very nervous about my pregnancy. A friend of mine told me about Pancita’s Spa for prenatal massages, so I decided to check it out.

I went for an 80-minute prenatal massage and ended up buying a 25-minute ultrasound package that included HD, a new incredible technology that allowed me to see my precious babies in real time, and with amazing clarity and detail. I didn’t know their gender yet, so I discovered that I was expecting boys. I went back with my husband and siblings for another scan and it was a wonderful experience for all of us.” 

Directions – Best way to get to Pancita’s

You can get to our Coral Springs location via Florida’s Turnpike or via I-595 W and FL-869 N. You can also take Florida’s Turnpike and W Atlantic Blvd. The drive is approximately 35 minutes, depending on traffic.

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